Angela Dawn

Now is the Start

What is one's reasoning behind starting a blog?

For me: I wanted a place to share my story. Really, it's a good opportunity to just write journal-like entries that I happen to not mind that my friends, family (or the world) reads.

I enjoy reading so many different types of blogs and the different personalities behind each. I hope to be a part of that tight-knit blogging community at some point. That would be a welcome addition to writing for myself and friends.

Here - I'll link to those blogs that I return to time and time again. Your recommended reading...

Edible Perspective : Ashley's photography skills are pretty awesome; but I also enjoy all of the creative recipes she posts. Her doughnuts are especially delicious.

The Daily Garnish : I've been reading Emily's blog for quite awhile. She's completed a marathon, had a child (with a second on the way) and moved many times in that time. There's a little bit of everything for everyone here. 

Wendy's Lookbook : Wendy is the most adorable person. Ever. I love her style - as do many, many others. Make sure to check out her youtube videos - otherwise you're missing out.

Luluaddict & Lulumum : Your one stop shops for everything Lululemon

Peanut Butter Fingers : Julie has a little bit of everything: Food, fitness & fun. And you get glimpses of her cutie dog Sadie - sure to make anyone cheer up!