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All singed up for Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

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I guess I will be ending my one-year race journey at Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend in Disneyland. It's very fitting that they moved Tinkerbell, as with Star Wars in January, I'll have done every race offered between mid-January 2014 to mid-January 2015 (aside from Castaway Cay 5K, which I did consider, but it wouldn't put me back for the 5K during Star Wars anyhow). 

As expected, the race registrations went fast. While there are only a limited number of spots for each race or challenge set aside for AP (annual passholders) or DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members; I expect the trend to be the same come Tuesday, June 10th. The amount of slots of the race in its entirety, how many are given to Charities and travel agents , and how many are set aside for pre-sale are up for speculation, and people do speculate, but RunDisney has never officially offered amount for any of them. Not even how many registration they'll sell in total (i.e. Star Wars Half Marathon will be 15,000 spots). Though, you can guesstimate based on past races, finishers, bib numbers, etc. 

I'm happy that I can type fast and was already signed into Active. I signed up for the Rebel Challenge (10K on Saturday, Half on Sunday) and the 5K within 3 minutes of go time. Which is good, considering I've read (conflicting reports) of the Challenge selling out in 8-10 minutes. Some people started at 12:08 (est), but weren't able to finish, but you aren't confirmed and do not take a spot until you pay, so it could have sold out at 12:10, and those people didn't finish until 12:12. Either way - those signing up during regular registration should be ready to sign up the second it goes on sale. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

May the Force Be With You (of course, I had to say it).