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The Cars Land at California Adventure

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I visited CarsLand on my first day at the Disneyland Resort (Thursday), but also went back Friday during the day and evening; so I was able to explore both during the day and night. And man, I have to say that the imagineers did an amazing job. It really does feel like you're stepping inside the movie. Everything is so perfectly themed. I kind of wish I had the time to stay longer (than the four full days I had), as I could just sit in that particular Land all day; eat, ride and people watch. I've done that before at Disney Hollywood Studios; it's a great spot to just take in the action. Anyhow, back to CarsLand.

The entrance to Radiator Springs

I went to Radiator Springs Racers on Thursday, and I'm glad I did, as I was able to step right on in the Single Riders Line. When I ventured back Friday; and the rest of the weekend, the wait line for the regular line was 2 hours or over, and the Single Riders line was even 30 minutes or more. I didn't ride it any further as I had enjoyed my experience fully the first time around; and didn't want to wait when I could be doing other things, but those times seem to be more common. I also hear that Fast Passes are given out fairly quickly for this ride.

The theming of the ride is pretty cool - even the queue lining up (and from what I've heard, in the full line it's even better.

Looking out at the Southwest along the queue for Radiator Spings

Part of the queue

You step into two different cars, each with two rows; and you're off into the adventure that is CarsLand.

Already in the car, getting ready to head into part of the attraction.

The bridge; fairly identical to the movie. I'll show this off later.

You basically see most of the Cars Characters. The Sheriff stops you from speeding, Mater enlists your help in cow/tractor-tipping; and awakens Frank (the combine harvester), you run by Sarge and Fillmore. It's just a neat setup.

Stop the speeding, per the Sheriff.

Fillmore and Sarge; you can see Mack in the background.

Then, after all that, you line up with the other car that disappeared at the start; and as per the ride name, you are going to race. And off you go...

Who will win?

I realize this is already a picture heavy post, but you shouldn't expect any less from me. You'll find plenty of them to follow, too. Moving onto the actual Radiator Springs.

Standing at the beginning of the street. Take note of the layout and how the street looks. 

Cozy Cone Motel Quick Service Restaurant

Get your kicks...

Radiator Springs Curios - one of many shops

Flo's Cafe - one of many places to eat

The shops along the way specialize in Cars Merchandise, though there were a few other items inside. There was Sarge's Surplus (various), Ramone's House of Body Art (clothing), Radiator Springs Curios (souvenirs), 

Also, there was plenty of places to eat. You could easily spend a good portion of the day in this part of the park. Flo's V8 Cafe is a Counter Service restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating; and open for all meals. Cozy Cone, also counter service, offers up different options at each of the different cones. I had a "Pear of Dice" soda. It was refreshing. Fillmore's Taste In is a quick stop for drinks and fresh fruit. Everything seemed to be submerged in ice, so if you're there in the summer, this would be a great cool-down spot. 

There are also various Character Greetings - I saw Mater, Lightning McQueen and Mack all out for official photos.

Look at all that Neon! 

So, all in all, Day or Night, CarsLand is a well-executed addition to California Adventure. I hope to see it come to Walt Disney World someday. The imagineers outdid themselves. 

And I'll leave you with a few stills of the movie, just so you can grasp (if you hadn't already) the spectacular vista that is this part of the park.