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The TinkerBell 2014 Expo

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I arrived early to wait in line for the expo. I'd say that I stepped into line around 12:45. I was told to head down a ramp way to where others were waiting. There were two lines - one for those going directly to pick up their bibs and another for those waiting for the official RunDisney store. I was in the latter. Shortly after I arrived, they moved the line. They were set up with several rows, marked by masking tape along the ground. I estimated each row had about 30-50 people; and I was in the fourth row. It seemed to be very well organized. I'm not certain how the original setup was for the Dumbo Double Dare, but they must have made some improvements. 

Not only was it more organized, but they started moving us early. The expo opened at 2pm, and we were being ushered into a different room inside the Disneyland Hotel, just outside the conference center, around 1:30. Being able to get into the store before 2pm was great. That gave me plenty of time to pick up everything I wanted to, as well as explore.

A picture of the tape outlying the rows; as well as someone wearing the special RunDisney New Balance Mickey shoes.

The official RunDisney store of the expo. 

I was actually disappointed in the official merchandise. Nothing really stood out at me. I did get a shirt because I wanted to have something to commemorate my first Disney race, but the selection was pretty dull. There were magnets, mugs, water bottles, a jacket, and several different shirts. The t-shirts were not soft, but just a regular cotton t-shirt you could get anywhere. The athletic shirts were Champion brand and good in that sense, but I was hoping for something more Vibrant. Everything seemed to have white logos with a TinkberBell on them, and that was it. Where was the color? 

The shirt I ended up getting.

Backside of the same shirt. I do like the

Once I had picked up the official shirts - a long sleeve Raspberry for a the half and a Lavender for the 10K, I actually thought about returning the shirt I had bought. They were plenty good enough, and better than anything I found in the store to be honest. I decided to keep it though, since it was my first race. I hope that the Princess Half Weekend provides better merchandise. Or maybe, I don't (so I can save money).

The long sleeve Champion shirt that came with Registration for the Half Marathon

The expo wasn't all bad. I actually found a company that sold running merchandise with a Disney-esque vibe, and bought a BUNCH of stuff from them. Raw Threads had tanks and t-shirts galore, and a wonderful hoodie that said "Fly Thirteen Point One" with wings on the back that glowed in the dark. I picked up two skirts to run in from Sparkle Athletic, and a new Flip Belt and some CEP sleeves. So other than the "official" table, it wasn't all that bad. I wasn't thinking about a blog post, so I didn't take a lot of pictures. Of course the ones above aren't fantastic quality - they were just quick ones I grabbed with my phone. But, I'll make sure to take more and better photos at the Princess Expo.

It was then time to take a picture in front of the official half marathon display (thank you kind strangers that took my picture) and head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Expo equals success, and money gone.

Photo in front of official display.