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I do have a whole post about the second half of my first weekend in May all written up; I just haven’t gotten around to posting. I think it’s cause I have to add the pictures and that takes a little more effort.

A few things that are new recently, though.

I bought a (new) camera. And a couple lenses. The Nikon D7000 was my choice; and a 35mm lens; as well as a 10-24mm wide angle (which I’m sharing with my brother-in-law) were my first lenses. I bought the D7000 barely used from the same brother-in-law, so I didn’t get a kit lens. He has a 18-105 & 18-200 that I can use every so often in case I want a little zoom. Mostly, I’m just going to use the 35 to practice and learn how to appropriately use anything other than the “auto” setting. You know, become a rock star with the DSLR. That’s my plan. And that’s another thing on the 101 in 1001 list. So, another has been started and is in progress.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I have a cooking class at Sur La Table, too. I plan on bringing my camera, but seeing as I don’t have the 35mm lens yet (will use the 18-105) and also that I do not know how to use anything manually; I’m not sure how the pictures will turn out. Nonetheless, I will document and set up a nice little blog entry about it. The class has to do with grilling seafood, which I greatly need expertise in. I like shrimp, scallops and (most kinds of) fish. But they are some of the more difficult foods to grill (or cook) to the right amount of doneness. Hopefully with this class, I will garner a little more intelligence on the subject. And everyone will come from all around to try my dishes. I am a bit bummed to see, when just looking at the class and confirming hours today, that the instructor has changed. I had met the previous instructor briefly when he helped with an ice cream class I attended, and would have enjoyed his instruction in the kitchen. I have no idea about this replacement, so hopefully he is just as good.

Still in the middle of reading A Storm of Swords (the third book in the Game of Thrones series). Also subsequently watching the third season (or roughly first half of the book). I think the show will beat the book time-wise; not anywhere near the middle. That’s alright though; perhaps I’d rather be visually stunned than read the book and throw it across the room when I don’t like what happens. From what I hear, this next episode is going to be torture (emotionally – though perhaps physically, too, to some characters).  I have a couple of friends, friends that are a couple, that I introduced to The Walking Dead; and not they’re watching Lost (just picked that up, but I have already seen it). I’m insisting that they let me watch the Season 3 finale with them – I think it’s quite a scene stealer of an ending.

Well there’s my quick update. I know, not rather enjoyable. But posts with pictures and better writing will be coming.