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There are many reasons I do not enjoy living in Ohio (mainly, the weather); some of which I will rant about again and again (the weather). But, I do think Ohio, or Columbus in general, has a great library system.

The Columbus Metropolitan library has about twenty branches across the city; and they all share the same resources. For the most part, you can look in their system and find anything. There might be a bit of a wait (especially if it's a new book or compact disc), but it's available. One of the branches isn't that far from me, so it's convenient. 

Today I made three reserves - they're all relatively new, so it will be a wait. But, I'll be able to add this to my fifty books to read. They are:

Gulp by Mary Roach - described as a hilarious investigation into the science of our digestive system.

Cooked by Michael Pollan - using the elements of fire, water, air & earth to cook all the natural ingredients around us.

And Wild by Cheryl Strayed - a young woman's memoir of a hike along the Pacific Crest trail

So, stay tuned for reviews. If and when I receive the books from the library.

In other news, I walked/ran 4 miles yesterday with a friend from my small church group. It was my first time really being in a (very slight) elevation outdoors. I've been mostly doing the treadmill, with a couple exceptions of a park (but those parks were flat). Even the slightest hill I was getting rather winded. And it was hot - about 85. So, I'm not certain if it was the combination of the weather and slight hills; or what, but I now realize I need to work harder. That half marathon will be here before I know it.

Until next time...