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The First Quote

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One of the items on "101 in 1001" consists of making a list of fifty of my favorite quotes. I haven't particularly come across fifty that I know of right off bat; but I imagine in the next three years, I'll find some. However; I do know of one of my all-time favorites; and that will be the first I share with you:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."


I think it's just a rule to live by.
It comes from none other, than Mr. Theodor Geisel. Or, so I thought...

While looking into this quote - I was trying to find which book it came from - I learned that there is no concrete evidence that it actually came from Dr. Seuss. So, while I can't keep the attribution to him, there are still no other instances that are documented as quoted by someone else that include the "be who you are and say what you feel" part of the quote.

This post from Quote Investigator goes into greater depth.

All that being said; whomever said said quote, it's one of my favorites. Dr. Seuss himself has some great ideologies. So, who knows, I might come back to him with one of the remaining 49 quotes; and with one that is in print. 

I do wonder how much difficultly I'll have accurately attributing many of the quotes I hear or read for the remainder. 

Stay tuned.

It's Heeeerrre

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Okay, you're totally supposed to read that in the little girl's voice from the movie Poltergeist... Moving on...

The first day of 101 in 1001 has officially arrived. It's also the first "official" day of my new blog. This one will be used A LOT more than the last one (here's hoping!). If I'm achieving all my goals, I'll have to keep to blogging, anyhow.

Here's to a nice beginning of a new chapter.
<raises wine glass>

Here. Here.

101 in 1001

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I really needed to get back into blogging. I enjoy writing, so it only seemed like a reasonable task. I came upon someone's blog with the 101 in 1001 challenge. Head on over to that page to learn more. I'll start on May 1st; a little less than a week away. It will be a very exciting time. I'm looking forward to the almost three years of blogging that will occur; and the adventures that I'll partake in in order to have those fun blog posts. Stay tuned...