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Quick catchup

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I do have a whole post about the second half of my first weekend in May all written up; I just haven’t gotten around to posting. I think it’s cause I have to add the pictures and that takes a little more effort.

A few things that are new recently, though.

I bought a (new) camera. And a couple lenses. The Nikon D7000 was my choice; and a 35mm lens; as well as a 10-24mm wide angle (which I’m sharing with my brother-in-law) were my first lenses. I bought the D7000 barely used from the same brother-in-law, so I didn’t get a kit lens. He has a 18-105 & 18-200 that I can use every so often in case I want a little zoom. Mostly, I’m just going to use the 35 to practice and learn how to appropriately use anything other than the “auto” setting. You know, become a rock star with the DSLR. That’s my plan. And that’s another thing on the 101 in 1001 list. So, another has been started and is in progress.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I have a cooking class at Sur La Table, too. I plan on bringing my camera, but seeing as I don’t have the 35mm lens yet (will use the 18-105) and also that I do not know how to use anything manually; I’m not sure how the pictures will turn out. Nonetheless, I will document and set up a nice little blog entry about it. The class has to do with grilling seafood, which I greatly need expertise in. I like shrimp, scallops and (most kinds of) fish. But they are some of the more difficult foods to grill (or cook) to the right amount of doneness. Hopefully with this class, I will garner a little more intelligence on the subject. And everyone will come from all around to try my dishes. I am a bit bummed to see, when just looking at the class and confirming hours today, that the instructor has changed. I had met the previous instructor briefly when he helped with an ice cream class I attended, and would have enjoyed his instruction in the kitchen. I have no idea about this replacement, so hopefully he is just as good.

Still in the middle of reading A Storm of Swords (the third book in the Game of Thrones series). Also subsequently watching the third season (or roughly first half of the book). I think the show will beat the book time-wise; not anywhere near the middle. That’s alright though; perhaps I’d rather be visually stunned than read the book and throw it across the room when I don’t like what happens. From what I hear, this next episode is going to be torture (emotionally – though perhaps physically, too, to some characters).  I have a couple of friends, friends that are a couple, that I introduced to The Walking Dead; and not they’re watching Lost (just picked that up, but I have already seen it). I’m insisting that they let me watch the Season 3 finale with them – I think it’s quite a scene stealer of an ending.

Well there’s my quick update. I know, not rather enjoyable. But posts with pictures and better writing will be coming.

The First Weekend of May - Part One

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I had a rather busy weekend (or Saturday, I should say).

Working towards that half marathon goal, I decided to run at the park about 20 minutes from me (at least that’s how long it takes to drive there at the time I did).

I woke up and cut up some fruit I had bought the previous day. I was going with a group of ladies for a small brunch spa day, and prepared the fruit for that. I also brought some small croissants (not home-made, store-bought; though I think croissants will be on my “perfecting recipe” list from 101).

Anyhow; I put on my running gear and headed out of the house around 6:45 to arrive at the park.

photo 1.JPG

It was slightly chilly (mid-50’s), but felt nice. I found out the other day 80+ degree weather is not what I am used to running in. My pace is very slow. My goal is to complete the half marathon; not necessarily run the entire time, or make good time. Finishing, that’s the goal. So, a slow pace is alright.

The park was really pretty in the morning:

photo 2.JPG

I ended up taking about 40 minutes for 3 miles. Which was faster than I had been doing. I was very pleased; as I took a run-walk approach, and not a “just run.” I would run while listening to a song; then queue up another while walking. I would say it was about 3-4 minutes running; 30 seconds-1 minute walking. I need to set up a playist on my iPod. I had to queue a song because I have all kinds of music; and while I enjoy them, ballads and Christmas music is not something to help my pace while running.

After the park, I drove a very short distance to one of the local farmer’s markets. This was the Worthington Farmer’s Market; and their opening weekend. I arrived at opening (8am); so parking wasn’t bad.

It had been awhile since I had been to a market; so I wasn’t certain really what to expect. And, seeing as I’m a complete novice at seasons for gardening & farming; I didn’t realize that they wouldn’t have carrots, squash or zucchini (three things I had wanted to buy). So, instead, I ventured around and picked up some other items.


I bought a jar of Raspberry Champagne Jam from Sweet Thing Gourmet. I’ve previously tried the strawberry champagne and really like that. I figure I’ll add this to some dessert since I’m not really eating toast with jam in the mornings anymore. Or maybe, I’ll add to a almond-flour biscuit; or cream cheese pancake (both recipes I am wanting to try, so stay tuned).

I perused the different booths and came upon this guy:


He was visiting with his family. What a cutie! And he has good taste; his nose pointed him toward the Lululemon bag!

I also picked up some skirt steak from Oink Moo Cluck Farms. I was planning on (and did) grill that the next evening for dinner. Dinner for “Game of Thrones” night.

I didn't catch the name of the place selling cheeses, but I bought the aged cheddar. I really like this type after first trying it on a burger at Walt Disney World’s Le Cellier restaurant. I’ve come to learn they no longer serve said burger (complete travesty for foodies), but I have re-created at home, so that makes it a little better.

And my final buy was some lettuce and asparagus from Northridge Organic Farms. I had a salad with said lettuce yesterday for lunch, and there is quite a variety in there. I’ll have to pick up my research on plants; cause I couldn’t tell you what was what, but it was good. 


I haven't made the asparagus yet. I think I'm going to wrap and bacon and grill it outside tomorrow evening. The very nice lady I talked to said they had just picked a bunch that morning - the first of their season.

Because I had a spa day, I didn’t really spend a whole lot of time really exploring the market. I hope to visit again once we get more into the summer (or perhaps I’ll venture to another market in the city).

Stay tuned for information about the rest of my day; and Sunday’s “Cinco De Mayo” fiesta dinner.

The Library

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There are many reasons I do not enjoy living in Ohio (mainly, the weather); some of which I will rant about again and again (the weather). But, I do think Ohio, or Columbus in general, has a great library system.

The Columbus Metropolitan library has about twenty branches across the city; and they all share the same resources. For the most part, you can look in their system and find anything. There might be a bit of a wait (especially if it's a new book or compact disc), but it's available. One of the branches isn't that far from me, so it's convenient. 

Today I made three reserves - they're all relatively new, so it will be a wait. But, I'll be able to add this to my fifty books to read. They are:

Gulp by Mary Roach - described as a hilarious investigation into the science of our digestive system.

Cooked by Michael Pollan - using the elements of fire, water, air & earth to cook all the natural ingredients around us.

And Wild by Cheryl Strayed - a young woman's memoir of a hike along the Pacific Crest trail

So, stay tuned for reviews. If and when I receive the books from the library.

In other news, I walked/ran 4 miles yesterday with a friend from my small church group. It was my first time really being in a (very slight) elevation outdoors. I've been mostly doing the treadmill, with a couple exceptions of a park (but those parks were flat). Even the slightest hill I was getting rather winded. And it was hot - about 85. So, I'm not certain if it was the combination of the weather and slight hills; or what, but I now realize I need to work harder. That half marathon will be here before I know it.

Until next time...